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Outdoor lights and garden lights from Ireland's biggest lighting supplier to enhance the beauty of your home and garden.

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." - Aaron Rose

Bearing in mind the quote above, think about outdoor areas of your home and garden where you need lighting to safely get around after dark and for security. In fact, installing well planned outdoor lights can not only increase visibility (in all weather conditions) and protect your home from burglary but also create a beautiful ambiance and atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Fantasy lights provide a wide range of outdoor lights and garden lights to homes and businesses throughout Ireland. They not only enhance the beauty of your home and garden but also provides security. Moreover, well designed outdoor lighting will also add value to your home.

Check out our wide range of outdoor lights and garden lights. We also stock a wide range of colour changing lights for your home and business.

Garden Lighting Techniques

What kind of outdoor lights we provide?

  • Garden spike lights – ideal to use in garden to showcase plants, sculptures and water features. On the other hand they serve better as a decorative light.
  • Outdoor Wall lights – create an ideal ambiance in your outdoor areas and in garden. In addition they enhance the security of your home.
  • Outdoor ceiling lights – provide an elegant ambiance in covered outdoor areas. Also useful for adding an extra layer of security.
  • Coastal Lights – corrosion proof and suitable for locations close to the sea where salty air is prevalent.
  • Driveway lights – ideal to light up your driveway, paths & patio and make your outdoor space accessible even after dark.
  • Bollard lights – perfect to light up walkways, pathways, parking lots and entrances.
  • Pillar lights – decorate your garden, patios, pathways and decks.
  • Lamp posts – low power consumption lights to enhance your outdoor space.
  • Outdoor lighting features – modern, elegant outdoor features designed to help you create a beautiful relaxed atmosphere in your garden and even you can use them to light up your pathways.
  • Garden party lights – atmospheric outdoor string lights for garden lighting, trees, parties, events, weddings and equally important for all year round occasions. 
  • Colour changing lights – smart garden lights which you can control and operate with remote control or app.
  • Security lighting – outdoor lights with motion sensors and cameras to protect your home and business premises.

Below are some simple ideas for lighting, which can enhance the attractiveness of your garden and outdoor areas.

Analyse main features

Make an outdoor layout and a rough plan of your garden and identify the key areas and features. If you want to enhance shrubs, trees, steps, pathways, or a pond then consider breaking your garden into different zones. This will help you to choose different outdoor lighting and colour effects in each zone.

Highlight walkways with path lighting.

In addition, to enhance the look of your garden, installing path lights helps you to safely highlight paths and walkways. They also extends the time you spend in the garden. In fact, path lights are very subtle lights as they provide a gentle glow downwards. Your path lights should be sturdy as well as made from the materials that resist corrosion in the predominant local conditions (Sea Air). Powder coated path lights particularly weather resistance.

Change the appearance of your garden with colour changing lights.

Most of us look forward to relaxing the mind and body in the evening after a long hectic day. Colour plays a significant role in changing the mood and atmosphere in the garden. Colour Changing Lights can also help to bring an energetic atmosphere which can add to a celebration or party. Another key point is LED colour changing floodlights and spotlights, very popular when it comes to add colour to in the garden. Specifically, with a remote controller or an app, you can control your garden lighting. Change the colours and dimming or brightening your lights in different zones of your garden. They become the most popular outdoor and garden lighting trend in Ireland.

Decorate your garden with outdoor lighting features.

Make your garden look magical with garden ball lampsgarden decor features and also flowerpot lights. The grace and elegance of these features not only adds elegance in garden or in patio space but also cast light in every direction. Moreover, they will create a unique visual appeal.

Add a modern twist to your outdoor areas with Festoon Lighting

Festoon lights make a distinctive impact as outdoor lights either for the “big party” or the festive season. They are diverse enough to rejuvenate any outdoor area into a smart and classy space! For example, hang them on the fence, trees or on poles. You can also create a festoon light ceiling to jazz up your garden. Choose festoon lights in bright white, warm glow, and rainbow colours. In the long run, they are guaranteed to make your garden look vibrant. The most popular choice of people for decorating their homes and gardens in Ireland especially in summer time.

Identify IP Rating.

IP rating stands for Ingress protection that determines the protection level of an electric product from water, dust, and solid intrusion. When it comes to selecting lights for your garden or outdoor areas, it is essential that you choose only those products which are electrically safe and long lasting with at least an IP rating of 44.

IP ratings outdoor lights

Ideas for creating different lighting effects.

Create a striking effect with up-lights by installing them under a big tree or a statue. Spotlights are the perfect way to form different lighting effects in the garden. You can place multiple spotlights on opposite sides of the plant which provides a cross lighting effect. Likewise, downlights are best for creating a beautiful lighting effect with shadows and silhouettes on the surrounding landscape, driveways and pathways. Furthermore, installing lights on a feature close to a body of water creates a mirroring effect and beautiful reflections in the water.

Need your lighting installed?

We provide a garden lighting installation service for the lighting products you buy from us. Contact us for more information.

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