Lamp Repair

Lamp Repair

July 2, 2021

Lamp Repair

Lamp repair launch

As a result of the many requests we receive for lamp and fitting repairs we are now offering a table and floor lamp repair service. So if your favourite lamp is no longer working, has damaged flex or cable or is missing electrical components bring it in to Fantasy Lights Walkinstown for an assessment. The service is only available in our Walkinstown branch at present. And the good news is that your lamp doesn’t have to be broken, you can bring in your old lamp for refurbishment or a total makeover!


For an inspection fee of €25 we will assess the lamp for damage, repair options and check to see if parts are available.

Once the check is complete we will proceed with the repair. Our standard repair prices are listed here to give you an indication of the repair costs. These prices will vary where specific replacement parts and brands are required. 

Giving new life you to your old lamp

It’s amazing the difference a new flex or cable can make to the look of your lamp as well as increasing the lifespan. We have a wide range of fabric flexes in beautiful colours and designs that really add that touch of class or quirkiness to your lamp, as well as standard insulated cables. You can add an inline switch to the cable for safety and ease of use. Choose the cable length so that it fits perfectly where you want it with no more coiled cables or need for extension leads.

Electrical standards

New lamp holders will prolong the life of your lamp or we can use the existing lamp holders if they are in good condition. We’ll also earth your lamp and re-wire it to the latest Safety Electrical Regulations.

Examples of our work

Replaced cable, inline switch – better cable, added earth (safety, electrical regs), replaced lamp holders and (colour matched existing lamp). Matched the aesthetic of the cable to the lamp style.

A client brought this interesting antique table lamp for repair. It had a lot of sentimental value and she wanted it restored to good working condition. She trusted us with its repair and safe keeping.

During inspection our electrician and repair expert found that the lamp holders had been damaged along with the existing wiring, inline switch and there was no earth. We contacted the customer to report our assessment and estimate for repair and we agreed to go ahead with the table lamp repair.

Table Lamp
Lamp Switch
Lamp Holder

We replaced the broken lamp holders with new brass lamp holders colour matched to the original. We removed the old and tattered wiring with the damaged inline switch and fitted a higher quality three core flex, fabric covered in sage green along with a new inline switch. The fitting was metal but had no existing earth which was dangerous and was not up to the existing safety electrical regulations in Ireland so we fitted an earth into the lamp for safety.

Similarly this Brass lamp had a broken lamp holder and a very dangerous ring of cardboard on the top rim, a serious fire hazard. It also had damaged flex and no earth. We replaced the lamp-holder with a new brass earthed lamp holder and colour matched the existing flex.

Lamp Repair
Repaired Lamp
Repaired Lamp