Hottest garden lighting trend of the year - Colour Changing Lights

June 1, 2022
Hottest garden lighting trend of the year – Colour Changing Lights

Hottest garden lighting trend of the year, colour changing lights, perfect to set the mood and add some fun to your garden. Moreover, they create a beautiful atmosphere especially during the summer when you spend most of your time outdoors. They not only complement your garden scenery, they can also transform your garden into a magical wonderland or a party palace.

In recent years, outdoor colour changing lights have become very popular because of their variety, flexibility and creative capability. The extensive functionality and simplicity of outdoor colour changing lights is the key reason to become the hottest garden lighting trend and for their popularity. With the help of a remote controller or an app, you can easily change your landscape lighting by blending and merging unlimited colours. Bathe your home and garden in beautiful multi colour lighting or choose a combination of Warm Whites, Ice Whites and Daylight Whites.

Energy Saving

You can also save money on your energy bills as LEDs are the most efficient lighting systems available. Some people remember incandescent bulbs and how much light was given off from a 100W or 60W lightbulb. Most people still look for the 60 or 100 watt equivalent light output from the LED bulbs. For example the old 100 Watt incandescent gave off 1600 Lumens of light and used 100W of electricity and the LED version gives off 1600 Lumens but only uses 18W of electricity. The old 60 Watt incandescent gave off 810 Lumens of light and used 60W of electricity and the LED version gives off 810 Lumens but only uses 6.5W of electricity. That’s a whopping 89% saving!

Where to use outdoor colour changing lights?

Outdoor colour changing lights are versatile and can be used anywhere in your garden or outdoor space. Whether you want to highlight your ornaments, sculptures, plants, trees or shrubs, colour changing lights are perfect. You can vary the look and feel in different parts of your garden by using up-lighting or down-lighting techniques. You can paint your outdoor walls with a colour wash of light all in the same colour or blend from colour to colour. Also, they can be used to light up entrance of your home. Change the colours of your home or garden on different occasions: green around St. Patrick’s Day, orange at Halloween and multi colour lighting at Christmas. The colour combinations are endless for any type of occasion you celebrate.

Where to use outdoor colour changing lights
Garden Sculptures Colour Changing Lights


Divide your garden into zones with our easy to use controllers and apps. Group lights in the colour you want to use or in certain areas of your garden. You can program groups and individual lights and sequences and put them on a timer. Use different lighting and colour temperatures to divide each zone for a unique lighting effect.

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Types of Outdoor Colour Changing Lights

At Fantasy Lights, we provide LED colour changing floodlights & spotlights in different wattages for your home and garden. All our outdoor colour changing lights are weather-proof with high Ingress Protection rating of IP66.

High intensity light to illuminate outdoor areas and to highlight the key features of your garden or home. Energy efficient and producing warm, ice and daylight whites alongside the colour output. Our colour changing lights offer 16 million colours to choose from. Use different colours on different occasions. Moreover, they are very safe to use in the garden or outdoor spaces. They are very energy efficient and emit very little heat.

LED colour changing spotlights are great at enhancing the atmosphere in your garden. Whether highlighting the most attractive parts of your garden or creating interesting shadows, outdoor colour changing spotlights can be a striking addition. As colour changing spotlights are often used to up-light bushes, plants, shrubs, and trees, you can also use them to light up your pathways and driveways. Like outdoor colour changing floodlights, these spotlights output Warm, Ice, Daylight white. Also offer 16 million colours, fully programmable without controllers and apps.

Full colour control can now be achieved with LED colour changing light bulbs. These light bulbs can also be controlled and programmed using a controller or app. This means that you can use these colour changing light bulbs in the more traditional outdoor Lanterns, Outdoor Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, Driveway Lights, Party Lights and Garden Feature Lights. You can change the colour at the press of a button individually or in groups to Warm White, Ice White, Daylight White and unlimited colours thereafter. Choose strong or pastel colour shades and increase or decrease the light intensity with the dimmer option.

Explore our hottest garden lighting trend range and also check out our full range of outdoor & garden lights. We also provide a garden lighting design consultation and Installation service.