Gobos for powerful high quality projections of photos, text, logos and artistic lighting scenes.


A Gobo is a Circular Disc printed and etched with an image, that slots into the projector, in order to display the image on the surface. They come in different sizes to suit different projectors and rotation wheels.

Our Glass Gobos are made with materials suitable to withstand the critical conditions of temperature and UV radiation that occur inside projectors and moving heads. The surface of the glass is coated with a very thin film of aluminium, silicon or titanium which is then laser etched with the image.

Custom Gobos

We produce custom gobos with any image, photo, text or logo you want to project. We also supply a range of Standard designs suitable for creating beautiful display effects on static or moving displays.

one colour custom gobo

One Colour

two colour custom gobo

Two Colour

three colour custom gobo

Three Colour

Full colour gobo

Full Colour

Black and white gobo

Black & White

grey scale gobo

Grey Scale

metal custom gobo


info sign custom gobo


Standard Gobos

Christmas gobos


Flag gobos

Sport & Symbols

Halloween gobos


Valentines gobos


Types of Gobos
Glass Gobos

Made of special glass, suitable to withstand high temperatures and UV radiation conditions that normally found inside the projectors and moving heads. They are used to create any type of images, even photographic ones.

Metal Gobos

Used for the reproduction of simple images or texts in black and white.