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Mineral Fibre

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Our partner specialises in the manufacture of mineral fibre structures in a variety of shapes combining design and aesthetics to meet a wide range of requirements in a variety of environments. 

We guarantee a minimum 10-year life for our fibreglass structures in outdoor use.

The structures are light and very strong.

In the event of an impact, they do not break, they do not deform, unlike aluminium, and they are able to bear more than 20 times their own weight.

They will not be blown over due to their openwork construction. They can withstand winds of over 75 mph! (and more generally in any NV 65 Zone 4).

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All our decorations can be classified M1 by construction or by treatment. This guarantees absolute safety from fire for ERP sites or sites with a high density of people.

The 10 complementary advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Electrical and thermal insulation.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Non-sparking and anti-magnetic (ADF/ATX).
  • Electromagnetic transparency.
  • Easy cleaning, water, paint and varnish.
  • Unlimited colour palette.
  • Complies with road impact regulations.
  • Easy to repair (vandalism and graffiti <1%).

Light passes through the openwork surfaces, increasing the vision of light sources, meaning less lighting, less energy consumption and less environmental impact.

The load-bearing capacity of our structures is remarkable. This allows for direct interactivity with visitors, as children and adults can climb on them…

… Which they love to do!

  • Our structures are able to support more than 20 times their own weight.
  • Guaranteed to last for 10 years!
  • No deterioration even in a marine environment
  • Thermal resistance ranges from -50°C (without fear of freezing) to 50°C+
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Environmental Impact

It is important to offset environmental impact, but above all it is essential to plan.

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Optimised production costs, optimised installation costs, optimised storage constraints, all mean more positive impacts on our daily environment.
In our industrial activity, the sustainable development approach translates into:

  • Recycling of waste (or industrial by-products) and the use of plant resources.
  • Improving process efficiency (energy efficiency and energy saving).
  • The promotion of healthier practices and products for humans and the environment.
  • Marketing of products through greener travel (hybrid or electric vehicles).
  • A low carbon company, with goods being transported over a shorter distance.
  • Development of local trade and crafts.
  • Products manufactured at our premises in Pertuis.

Sustainable Development and Environmental Quality

Our partner has focused its entire development on manual production, with or without lighting. The use of mineral fibre meets a strong commitment to limiting energy consumption during the manufacture of decorations. The decorations are made of mineral fibre that does not require energy-intensive machines for their manufacture: no 3D printer, no extruder, no press to ensure that the shape is maintained.

The energy efficiency of our workshop and our processes is one of the priorities of the management. Their energy consumption is not just the electricity consumed by the decorations. We offer low-carbon decorations.

All illuminations are CE and RoHS compliant and use LED technology.

Mineral Fibre Weaving Technology

Positive points:

  • Environment friendly
  • Fully recyclable
  • Rot-proof
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Our teams have been trained in our UNIQUE know-how and we work hard to develop the skills of our employees.



At Fantasy Lights People are at the heart of our development!



Hard work, due care, expertise and high standards are values that we pass on to all our new recruits.

What We Do:

The structures we offer can be easily adapted to many areas:

01. Summer decorations
02. Christmas lights
03. Giant 3D letters
04. Decorated roundabouts
05. Green spaces

What We Want:

To bring beauty and life to public spaces, with respect for ecological and economic issues.

100% Recyclable with 0% waste for a 100% circular economy