Tailor Made Decorative Scenes

Tailor Made Scenes

Our design studio and our production workshop together create beautiful scenes from life to decorate and illuminate your green spaces


Iconographic study

Computer graphics tailor made designs

Computer graphics of the 3D structure

Manufactured in the workshop

Manufactured in our workshops

On-site installation!

Solar projector

We can provide our structures with solar projectors on request

"Petanque scene" (2021)

Eco-friendly structures and solar-powered floodlights for less environmental impact

Extraordinary settings

Summer is a good time for cities to highlight their attractiveness, notably with the permanent or ephemeral installation of structures symbolic of their past, recent or future history.

Major brands also lend themselves to this, using our manufacturing techniques to display their logos in an original, playful and aesthetic way and above all with better readability.

Musical structures