Giant 3D Letters

Giant 3D Letters

Give height to your communication!
We manufacture XXL size illuminated letters that can be adapted to any event
(national holidays, sports celebrations, Pink October…).
You’ll love the attention they get!

The giant 3D classic letters

Giant 3D Classic Letters

Classic letter / 180cm (3D)

(Also available in 50, 70, 100, 125 and 150cm high)

White weave

White weave, the letters can be coloured on request

Illuminated 3D letter with integrated projectors

Illuminated 3D letters with integrated projectors!

Our manufacturing system allows us to guarantee total durability. Our structures are both strong and light. Our weaving technique allows for an aesthetically pleasing appearance by day and night (including the integration of LED spotlights in the structure).

Accessories your letters

Accessories your letters!

You can now personalise the letters with various decorative accessories or with symbols specific to your city, make your choice according to the season!

Some design ideas:

Thanks to our well thought-out fixings and simplified electrical connection systems. You can easily change the themes with interchangeable motifs for your 3D lettering.

Springtime Letters
Summer Letters
Sports Events Letters

Fantasy Lights Innovations!

RGB Projector with DMX Control

RGB Projection with DMX Control
Projector with DMX control

Thanks to DMX control, we can offer you very complex animations in terms of colours, flashes, power and movements. This allows us to create and integrate various event-specific sequences that can be controlled as desired.

Giant 2D and 3D customised letters

We are also able to make letters of different sizes, shapes and colours, in 2D or 3D, so don’t hesitate to contact us!