3D Photobooths for ground decorations

3D Photobooths

Your tailor-made photobooth

Get with the “photobooth” trend!
We offer to design custom-made structures for your festive events
(Valentine’s Day, May Day, Christmas…).
Whatever your requirements, we’ll create a photobooth to make you smile!

Tailor made photobooth decorations

Your photobooth in 4 steps:

Step 1 photobooth

The design studio sketches out a draft of the project.

Step 2 photobooth

The sketch is then simulated in 3D computer graphics.

Step 3 photobooth

The structure is manufactured, welded, woven, painted and assembled in our workshop.

Fantasy lights van
Step 4 photobooth

And there you have it!
Loaded, it’s delivered!

... Some examples:

Valentines day photobooth decoration

Valentine’s Day

Wedding photobooth decoration


Fruit festival photobooth decoration

Fruit Festival