Use 3D Christmas trees for a unique and visually striking display that creates the illusion of a three-dimensional (3D) tree shape. We have them all available in a wide range of shapes and designs. A great way to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your home or business premises. Choose from cone trees, branch trees, spiral trees or giant Christmas trees. Suitable to use both indoors and outdoors.

Types of 3D Christmas trees

From cone trees to pyramid shape Christmas trees, at Fantasy Lights, you’ll find a wide range of 3D Christmas trees. Available in different sizes and designs. Check out below our different types of 3D Christmas trees.

Branch Christmas trees:

Branch style Christmas trees are unique and creative Christmas decorations that create a 3D effect. Made to look like the branching structure of a tree with multiple branches extending outward from a central point. Ideal to use as all year round decor or as a decorative element for other occasions. Branch Christmas trees offer a modern and artistic take on Christmas tree decorations.

Cone trees:

Cone trees also known as cone shaped trees or conical trees are popular type of decorations used during the Christmas season. Made from various materials (usually Aluminium or Mild Steel) and come in different sizes and designs. 3D cone trees provide a creative alternative to traditional Christmas trees. Often used as a decorative element in Christmas displays.

Pyramid Christmas Trees

Pyramid Christmas trees are unique and eye-catching Christmas decorations made to look like a three dimensional pyramid. These trees are less common than traditional Christmas trees but offer a distinctive and modern take on Christmas décor and can be disassembled to store in a flat-pack.

Spiral Christmas trees:

Spiral 3D Christmas trees combine the unique spiral shape with the convenience and versatility of artificial trees. These trees are essentially cone trees where the main feature is a ribbon or ribbons that wrap around the cone shape in a spiral. A double spiral pattern is also used for an even more attractive effect. Often used as standalone decorations. Their unique shape makes them eye catching, and they can serve as a focal point in your Christmas decorations. Spiral Christmas trees are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They work well in various settings, from homes and apartments to commercial spaces, such as shopping centres or office buildings.

Giant Christmas Trees

Giant 3D Christmas trees are oversized and eye-catching holiday decorations that come in various designs. These trees are designed to make a significant visual impact and are often used in public spaces, commercial settings, large events or outdoor displays. They are not only visually impressive but also contribute to the Christmas spirit in public spaces and large events.