LED Rope lights are perfect to use both indoors and outdoors. They are very popular especially during Christmas time. Very versatile and can be used to illuminate walkways, pathways, stairways, hallways, facades and ceilings. One of the best features of Christmas rope lights are that they can be bent into shapes which allows you to create interesting decorations. Check out our range to create a beautiful decoration this Christmas. Available in ice white, warm white, red, green and blue.

What are rope lights and how to install them?

Rope lights are a string of LED lights which are connected together and sealed in a transparent, flexible tube. This heavy-duty tube protects the LEDs and can be bent to make interesting forms. Flexibility and durability distinguishes them from other lighting products.

All our Christmas rope lights come in 50 metres roll that have 36 LEDs per metre. In total there are 1800 LEDs in 50 metres roll. They are easy to install, come with end caps and a power lead. You will need to purchase separate power leads in order to connect more segments. The warm white and ice white can be cut every metre which is marked on the tube. All the other colours (Red, green and blue) can be cut in 2 metre sections. Simply push the end cap over exposed end. Attach the power cord to the rope light by pushing the sharp prongs of the power connector. Attach round pins of power connector with the holes in power cord. Check out the diagram below for better understanding.

Rope Lights Diagram