Get festive for the most magical time of the year with our range of outdoor Christmas lights. Christmas does not feel as festive without decorating outside your home or premises with lights and decorations. It looks magical when the sun sets and your outdoor area lights up with string lights, icicles and lighting decorations. Check out our various types of outdoor Christmas lights to make your Christmas even more magical. All our lights have energy efficient LED bulbs.

Useful information related to outdoor Christmas lights

How to connect outdoor LED Christmas lights together?

All our Christmas lights come with a male and female connector. Simply remove the end cap and connect another set of lights. You can connect up to 20 sets (2000 LEDs) together. For our low voltage lights, you need a transformer as stated in the product description.

You can also use our T-connector and 5 way splitter to bring outdoor Christmas lights in different directions. Our 5 metre extension cable allows you to give 5 metres of extra length before the first set or between the sets.

Can I connect the low voltage lights with mains voltage lights?

No, you cannot connect the Christmas low voltage lights with Christmas mains voltage lights. You can only connect low voltage lights with our low voltage lights and mains voltage lights with our mains voltage lights.

What does IP65 rating mean?

IP65 rating stands for ingress protection rating of 65 which means our Christmas lights comes with high degree of dust and water protection. The longevity and durability of our outdoor Christmas lights make them ideal to use in domestic & commercial settings.

Can I connect them with another brand of transformer?

Our lights and transformers are manufactured to high quality standards. Suitable to use both indoor and outdoor. They are designed to work with each other perfectly. They are not suitable to use with another brand of transformer. If you connect another brand of transformer to the Fantasy Lights set, the warranty will be null and void.

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