Fantasy Lights supply the very best outdoor Christmas Icicle Lights all over Ireland. All our lights are manufactured using the very latest in LED Lighting technology.

Icicle lights - Add more sparkle to your Christmas

Icicle lights are the most popular lights to decorate house or business premises during the holiday season, specially at the Christmas time. They are made with the short strings of lights and can be used in number of ways. Hanging icicles on the edge of the rooftop creates a professional quality display. They come in various colours and provide the perfect finishing touch of Christmas lighting display. So versatile that you can use icicles on decks and stairways. Perfect to create a romantic atmosphere on a special event like wedding. Inter-connectable which allows you to cover large areas of your home or business premises.

How to hang icicle lights?

The perfect way to hang icicle Christmas lights is to use gutter hooks, all in one clips or cable ties. They are specially designed to hang the Christmas lights and are widely used for this purpose. Also, they provide an easy installation of lights.


  • Test your lights before the installation and ensure the power cable can reach to power source.
  • Hang the lights pointing down and when connecting to another set of lights. Make sure you tighten the connector to protect it from water and moisture.

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