Connectable curtain lights are vertical strings of LEDs connected together to form a curtain of lights. They are perfect to create that extra sparkle to Christmas or any event throughout the year. Most commonly, they are used on weddings, parties and festivals. Very popular for commercial installations as they provide large number of lights while using one power supply. You can easily make an impressive lighting display with connectable LED curtain lights. Check out our range of LED curtain Christmas lights for indoor and outdoor use available in ice white and warm white colour.

Where to use curtain lights?

Curtain lights are perfect to use as backdrops on the front façade of buildings, on walls and even on trees. Indoors, you can use them on your staircase to create a beautiful lighting atmosphere. Not only, you can hang them vertically like a traditional curtain but also they can be used horizontally as a ceiling of lights. Moreover, they can be used to cover the hedges which brightens up your garden.

Ice white curtain Christmas lights create an elegant, frosted feel in your home or premises whereas warm white connectable curtain lights create a cozy winter atmosphere. Moreover, they are easy to install and create a beautiful glow indoors and a warm welcoming atmosphere outdoors.

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