Decorate your home or business premises with our range of Christmas garlands and wreaths. Perfect to add a welcoming touch to any space. Available in different sizes and designs.

Garland & Wreaths

Add a touch of Christmas magic to any space with Christmas garlands & wreaths


Garlands are long and flexible strands or ropes of foliage which can be hung or wrapped around objects. Mostly used to decorate mantelpieces, staircases, banisters, windows, doorways and more.


Wreaths are circular decorations and are a symbol of eternity and continuity as they have no beginning or end. Often used to represent the eternal love of God. Hang them on doors, above fireplaces or used as table centrepieces. Ribbons, bows, pinecones and Christmas lights are some of the elements which are used to decorate the wreaths.

Both garlands and wreaths are symbols of Christmas spirit and tradition. They are often used to celebrate the Christmas season in homes, businesses, and public spaces.

How to find the perfect Christmas garland & wreath for your home or business premises?

Finding the perfect garland or wreath for your Christmas decorations can be a fun and enjoyable experience. Measure the space where you plan to hang or display them. It will help you to choose the right size. If you want to decorate your garland or wreath with lights, consider the pre-lit options. This will save you time and effort. We stock a beautiful range of pre-lit garlands and wreaths. You can also choose the colour of the lights which you want on your wreath. Check out our 1m diameter pre-lit wreath and 5ft diameter pre-lit wreath.

Some of our garlands and wreaths come pre-decorated with ornaments, pinecones, ribbons and other elements. Decide if you prefer a pre-decorated option or if you’d like to add your own decorations.

Are artificial Garlands and Wreaths reusable?

Yes, one of the advantages of using artificial garlands and wreaths is their reusability. If stored properly, you can use them for many seasons.

Creative ways to decorate with Garlands & Wreaths

Decorating with garlands and wreaths offers endless possibilities for adding a festive touch to your home or business premises. Check out some creative ideas to help you make the most of these Christmas decorations.

  • Over the Mantelpiece:

Drape a garland over your fireplace mantelpiece which allows it to hang down on either side. Place a wreath in the centre or one on each side for a balanced look.

  • Staircase Garland:

Use a garland along your staircase railing by securing it with hooks or zip ties. You can weave the garland through the banisters. Add bows, or ornaments for extra flair.

  • Window Frames:

Frame your windows with garlands to create a charming view from both inside and outside your home. Hang a wreath in the centre of the window for a classic look.

  • Dining Table Runner:

Lay a garland down the centre of your dining table as a festive runner. Place candles or ornaments along the garland for a beautiful centrepiece.

  • Outdoor Railings:

Decorate your outdoor stair railings or porch with garlands. Add Christmas lights for a warm glow and place a wreath to the front door to welcome guests.

  • Doorway Arch:

Create a grand entrance by framing your front door with a garland arch. Add string lights for a magical touch.

These creative ideas offer a variety of ways to add Christmas garlands and wreaths into your Christmas decor. Mix and match these suggestions to create a unique atmosphere that suits your home, style and preferences.

Garlands & wreaths are popular Christmas decorations used to decorate throughout your home and garden during the Christmas season. They help to create a festive feel and spread Christmas cheer. They are versatile and can be adapted to suit various design needs, making them a beloved part of Christmas décor. Here’s an overview of Christmas garlands and wreaths:

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