LED string lights usually used as outdoor Christmas tree lights are the key ingredient to create a really festive atmosphere both indoor and outdoor. Also known as fairy lights, they are our most popular lights. They are very versatile and can be hung, strung, wrapped, draped and scattered both indoors and outdoors. You can place them on trees, shrubs, fencing or drape them from tree to pole to house. Inside they can be put on your Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and used to dress windows, doors and mantlepieces.

One of the best features is that they are inter-connectable. You can connect multiple Christmas tree lights and LED string lights together to cover large areas. Check out our range of outdoor Christmas tree lights in different colours. Available in low voltage and mains voltage.

What is the difference between low voltage string lights and mains voltage string lights?

Low voltage LED string lights uses a transformer to convert the 220-240 volts into 12V or 24V. They are perfect to use outdoors as they provide safety against the serious electric shock and when exposed to natural elements such as rain and moisture. It is beneficial to use low voltage lights in the garden for the safety of children and pets. Moreover, all of our low voltage outdoor Christmas tree lights and LED string lights are inter-connectable. You can connect up to 4 sets of lights with 20W transformer, 8 sets with 40W transformer and 12 sets with 60W transformer.

Mains voltage outdoor Christmas tree lights also known as line voltage lights uses 220-240 volts direct from the main electricity supply. They do not require any transformer which makes them cost efficient.

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