Outdoor wall lights are the perfect solution to enhance your home, garden or business premises. They serve several purposes such as enhancing safety and security, adding charming appeal to outdoor areas and creating a welcoming ambiance. With our broad range of wall lights, you are sure to find a fitting that suit all your needs.

Revive your outdoor areas and garden with wall lights

Outdoor wall lights keep the featured objects shining and compliments your garden. They create a sense of security with a blend of decorative ambiance. A perfect solution for increasing the safety of your property and also provide a cosy glow in the garden. They are the great way to create both practical and atmospheric lighting. Also, provide an accent lighting atmosphere which makes them an excellent solution for highlighting the features in the garden.

Types of outdoor & garden wall lights

Check out our range of wall lights in various designs, colours and styles.

Outdoor wall lanterns

Outdoor wall lanterns are the most popular fixtures to use in the older or traditional design properties. They are usually designed in a lantern shape. Lantern wall lights come in both traditional and modern designs. They are normally used to create an accent lighting atmosphere rather than flood lighting or security lighting.

Downlights and uplights

Changing the direction, shape, style and colour of your lighting creates a different ambiance and atmosphere for your project. Uplight wall lights provide a beautiful soft glow upwards. Perfect to light up the features such as a natural stone wall or stylish statue in the garden. Downlight wall lights are perfect to illuminate a pathway, patio or seating areas. Up-down outdoor wall lights create a unique hourglass lighting effect.

Bulkhead wall lights

Bulkhead wall lights are usually designed in a cage to protect the light bulb inside the fitting. They provide an optimum lighting effect and come in various styles and colours. Perfect to use in such outdoor areas where objects may likely to hit the lights.


Spotlights provide very bright lighting in a focused limited area. These lights work well to light up pathways, stairs or the front entrance of the house. Also used as a landscape lighting to light up the garden features that you want to highlight. Offer an effective accent lighting as well as security lighting.

Flush mount outdoor wall lights

Wall lights which are mounted flush with the exterior wall are known as flush mount wall lights. These lights provide a stylish look and widely used in the garden or outdoor areas such as at the front entrance of the house.

Coastal wall lights

Coastal wall lights are specifically made with natural solid brass to withstand the hard weather conditions. Perfect to use for the houses near the beach or seafront. Available in different finish such as brass, antique brass, black, copper, nickel matt and grey.

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