Connect lights together and build a single chain from one power source.
Bespoke Design

Create your own
Christmas display


One Power Source

One power source for
multiple set of lights

LED connectable lights including outdoor tree lights, festoon lights, icicle lights, cluster lights and curtain lights for simplicity and flexibility all year round.

Tree Lights Connectable

Connectable Tree Lights

Premium low voltage and mains voltage inter-connectable tree lights. Ideal for domestic and commercial use.

Festoon lights for garden

Connectable Festoon Lights

Inter-connectable LED festoon lights in low voltage and mains voltage. Ideal for domestic and commercial use.

Connectable Icicle Lights

Connectable Icicle Lights

Inter-connectable LED icicle lights in mains voltage. Available in a variety of colours. Ideal for domestic and commercial use.

Cluster Christmas Lights Connectable

Connectable Cluster Lights

Connectable LED cluster lights in mains voltage. Perfect for indoor and outdoor. Available in ice white, warm white and multi-colour.

Curtain Christmas Lights Connectable

Connectable Curtain Lights

Connectable LED curtain lights in mains voltage. Available in ice white and warm white. Perfect lighting for Christmas or any events.

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  • Make sure to include the transformer for low voltage tree lights and low voltage festoon lights in your order (sold separately).
  • You don’t need to buy a transformer for mains voltage lights.
  • You cannot connect low voltage lights with mains voltage lights.
  • Most of our connectable lights can be mixed together with same voltage (Icicle to cluster) with one power source. Talk to us about inter-connectability.