Hill of Slane Projector Lighting


Our Powerful projectors are used to project beautiful Graphics, Images and Messages onto walls and buildings. We also use them to highlight interesting and important elements of the building and its perimeter. We use architectural light mapping to map the building so we can accurately design the images for the gobo to project on to the structure.

Carlow Town Hall

Commercial Gobo Projector Designs and Installation by Fantasy Lights on Carlow Town Hall

Carlow Town Hall Architectural Light Mapping

Carlow Town Hall, located on Canteur street, on the north side of the Town continues to be at the centre of local government administration in Carlow for over one hundred and thirty years. Based on the lighting design conceived by Fantasy Lights, two Divum 50K projectors have been used to highlight the Carlow Town Hall building for St. Patrick’s Day.


Dynamic shapes along with a repeating design and white façade, designed by our mapping expert to achieve the final result.

Final result

You can use projectors to display festive images and messages, to show an historical scene to celebrate a centenary or project your winning team to celebrate their victory. You can even project features that are not there like Windows, Archways, Gates and Balconies or you can project your finished project during renovations!

Our projectors are suitable for outdoor permanent projects.

Carlow Town Hall

Hill of Slane

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Trim Courthouse

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