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Brightest health & safety signage projectors for the most effective and economic solution.

The projection of health & safety signs is the most effective and economic solution available in the market. Safety projections are much better than classic signalling systems because they work well in low visibility conditions. Their flexibility and environmental friendliness have led to their rapidly spreading all over the world.

Workplace Accidents

Nowadays, reducing or, ideally, completely eliminating the number of accidents at work is a priority. An accident at work has both human and economic consequences. The costs of an accident dramatically affect the individual who has suffered it, the person responsible for it, and the company where the accident occurred. Indeed the European OSHA survey states that in 2019 alone, 55 billion euros were lost due to accidents in the workplace, a sum equal to 6.5% of GDP.

Industrial Accidents

Industry continues to be the sector which sees more deaths and accidents at work. Very often they happen because of bad traffic management in production or in warehouses. Security signs usually consist of some floor marking tape or paint and adhesive safety labels which get worn out and become less visible and therefore less effective.

Workplace accidents safety

An Innovative Solution

Projected Signage

So how does it work?

The projected signage requires an image projector (a gobo-projector) and the image itself (a gobo). The gobo, which is placed inside the projector, is like a slide but much more durable. The projector is mounted on the ceiling or wall and the security sign is projected onto the surface, meaning it is clearly visible even in low light conditions.

Signum safety signage projectors
No Pedestrians sign

Analysis & Research

Fantasy Lights has developed the idea of using gobo-projectors in health and security services. The use of traditional graphic signs such as posters, adhesives or paint, has been shown to have clear limits, reduces its effectiveness and paradoxically increase risks in the workplace.

These include:

  • Low Attention: over-familiarity with a traditional sign can lead to indifference. They become ineffective when worn out.
  • Time consuming/high costs: classic signs are subject to wear and tear in pedestrian and vehicular traffic. On average, maintenance/replacement is required every 3-9 months meaning more work. The maintenance management of traditional signals (especially horizontal signals) is also expensive.
  • Impact maintenance: maintenance of the visibility of traditional signs involves slow down or even stop production;
  • Inflexibility: traditional signs cannot be repositioned or replaced rapidly;
  • Adaptability: it is difficult to achieve a high-impact horizontal marking on uneven surfaces.

An Effective Solution

The innovative gobo-projector SIGNUM perfectly adapts to industrial environments: made of lightweight but resistant material, watertight (IP65 certified) and with a passive system of heat dissipation, which prevents dust getting inside the machine through the use of fans.

The following features make SIGNUM the ideal solution:

  • Excellent visibility: a projection offers better visibility because the projected image could be transmitted in a “smart” mode with different options such as dynamism, alternation, intermittence and the possibility of integration with a motion sensor. The images thus projected are more noticeable by users. The SIGNUM is characterised by durable, high brightness.
  • Long duration: the lighting body made of COB LED guarantees the long life of the projector (up to 6 years). No wear and tear caused by pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Resists moisture, cold and dirt;
  • Low costs: the low energy consumption of COB LED greatly reduces overall costs by ensure an average ROI of 1-2 years;
  • Simple maintenance: maintenance is quick and easy. It does not require any significant impact on the production organisation;
  • High flexibility: small projectors are extremely easy to install and move. Simply replace the gobo to change the sign.
  • High Adaptability: the projection adapts to any surface however uneven it may be.

Signum LED Projector

Symp LED Projector

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