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LED 50W RGB+CCT Smart Garden Floodlight

LED 50W RGB+CCT Smart Garden Floodlight


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LED 50W RGB+CCT garden floodlight with 16 million colours, brightness and saturation control features. 2.4GHz remote & app control and also support third party voice control.


Features of smart garden lights

Note: Require RGB + CCT remote controller or smart panel controller (sold separately). 

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Buy remote controller or smart panel controller:
LED 50W RGB+CCT Smart Garden Floodlight
RGB+CCT 8 Zone Remote Controller
Smart panel 8 zone remote controller
RGB+CCT 8 Zone Remote Controller 45.00

98 in stock


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LED 50W RGB+CCT Smart Garden Floodlight

Product Description

This LED 50W RGB+CCT smart garden floodlight with 160 degree beam angle is the perfect choice to light up gardens, landscapes and outdoor spaces. It features a wide 160 degree beam angle that ensures expansive coverage, effectively light up large areas of your garden or outdoor space with ease. Whether you want to highlight key features or provide general light, this floodlight delivers consistent and uniform light for maximum visibility. With access to an impressive 16 million colours, the creative possibilities are endless. Customise your outdoor lights to suit any mood, event or occasion, whether you want to create a cosy ambiance or simply add a pop of colour to your garden.

  • Professional heat sink design.
  • 160° beam angle.
  • 16 million colours.
  • Brightness adjustable, smooth transition without flicker.
  • Saturation adjustable.
  • Remote & app control.
  • Voice control compatibility.
  • High lumen LED chips.
  • Copper nickel plating material.
  • Waterproof and ventilation valve.
Technical Specifications

Power – 50W
Input voltage – AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions (in mm) – 310.5 X 220 X 47.5
Colour temperature – 2700K~6500K
Luminous flux – 4800LM
Luminous efficiency – 96LM/W
Standby power consumption – 1.2W
CRI – >80
PF – >0.9
Beam angle – 160°
IP rating – IP65
RF – 2.4GHz
Control distance – 30m

Take full control of your lights with the brightness and saturation control features. Adjust the intensity and richness of colours to create the perfect aura, allows you to tailor your outdoor lights to your preference with ease. This smart garden floodlight can be controlled with 2.4GHz remote control and smartphone app, manage your outdoor lights has never been easier. Additionally, this smart garden floodlight is compatible with third party voice control platforms. Experience the future of outdoor lights with this IP65 rated LED 50W smart garden floodlight.

LED 50W RGB+CCT Smart Garden Floodlight Features and Dimensions

LED 50W smart garden floodlight signal transmitting feature

One LED floodlight can transmit the signals from the remote control to another floodlight within the range of 30m. The remote control distance can be limitless.

LED 50W garden floodlight modes synchronisation feature

Different LED floodlights can work synchronously when they are started at different times, controlled by the same remote, under same dynamic mode and within 30m distance.

Signal transmitting and modes synchronization floodlight features

Download Spec Sheet

Note: This smart garden LED floodlight require RGB + CCT remote controller or smart panel controller (sold separately). 

For further information on how to sync this smart garden light with remote controller or smart panel controller, please check this article and also visit our Facebook for regular updates.


Synchronisation of smart garden lights with a remote controller.

There are two types of remote controller available, wall mounted and hand held. The synchronisation process for both controllers is the same and pretty straightforward. Please see the image below of 8 zone remote controller that allows you to light 8 different zones of the garden with one single remote.Functions of 8 zone remote controller

The colour ring on the remote controller allows you to control the colours of your lights and 2 sliders below the ring helps you to adjust the brightness and saturation. The remote controller has 6 single buttons and 8 double buttons with “I” to turn on the lights and “O” to turn off the lights that allows you to control the zones individually.

Synchronisation process

Firstly, make sure to put 2 X AAA batteries in your remote controller. The batteries are not included with any of the remote controller and smart panel controllers.

Turn on the power of your smart garden light and quickly press one of the “I” zone button located on the remote controller for 3 times within 3 seconds. If the synchronisation went smoothly, the smart garden light will flash 3 times and you are good to go. If the synchronisation failed and the light didn’t flash, please repeat the process.

How to unlink colour changing smart garden lighting products?

If by mistake you have linked the lights to the wrong zone and you want to unlink them, just simply switch the power OFF of the specific light for 15 seconds, then switch the power back ON and quickly press the “I” zone button 5 times. The light will blink red and that is a sign of unlinked light.

If you have any question or have any problem with the colour changing smart garden lights, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please check this article for detailed information.


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