Brighten up your home or business premises with LED colour changing floodlights. 16 million colours with brightness and saturation control features. Remote control and app control. Also support third party voice control and has professional waterproof technology.

LED floodlights - Smart lifestyle with beauty

LED floodlights with 16 million colour options to make smart lighting atmosphere that meet all your requirements. With just a change in colour, you can completely change the atmosphere of your garden or outdoor areas. Perfect to light up your garden with beautiful and bright colours. Weather you want to light up your trees, shrubs, plants or sculptures, LED floodlights are an ideal solution.

Floodlights are also very useful to light up other outdoor areas of your home or business premises. You can use them at the front of your house or building to create a sleek and modern lighting display. Very popular and the most widely used artificial LED lighting source.

Decorate your house with light and colour

Paint the walls of your house with different colours by just pressing a button of a remote controller. Choose the colour you want and make the outside of your home shine with beautiful colours.

Bring colours to your celebrations

Colours play a significant role in changing the mood and atmosphere. Change the LED colour to green on St. Patrick’s day, orange to Halloween and multi colour lighting at Christmas. The colour combinations are endless for any type of occasion you celebrate.

Benefits of LED colour changing floodlights

  • Cost effective – LED floodlights are cost effective and help you save money on your energy bills. They use less energy and provide better illumination. More durable than other halogen lamps.
  • Professional heat sink design – All our LED colour changing floodlights have integrated heat sink system which conserve the electricity and reduce heat loss.
  • Environment friendly – LED colour changing floodlights do not contain toxic materials such as carbon, lead or mercury which makes them safer to use for the environment.
  • Long lasting LEDs – One of the most significant benefit of using floodlights is that they last ten times longer than the traditional fittings.

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