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All aboard the Santa Bus! This 3D feature is so eye-catching it’s bound to be a big attraction for Guests, Tourists, Shoppers and Donors alike. It’s a really big hit with children and adults too. Great for photo opportunities, it can be used indoors and outdoors.

There are two Red Velvet Cushioned bench seats inside. The interior of the bus is also decorated with lighting and tinsel in red and gold for great photographs.

Whether on tour on in a static position Santa Bus will help draw in the crowds. It could even be used as a mini Grotto where children can meet Santa. “Meet Santa on the Bus”.

The Santa Bus Lights are all Low Voltage and Low Energy LEDs. This means it’s safe and energy efficient using only 312 Watts.

Height – 3.55 metre, Width – 2.20 metre, Length – 5.40 metre