Fantasy Lights Ireland's biggest light supplier and retailer | Light Solutions for Home, Garden, Christmas, Business
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Fantasy Lights Ireland's biggest light supplier and retailer | Light Solutions for Home, Garden, Christmas, Business


SINCE 1989

Our story began in 1989 when Gabriel Byrne started Fantasy Lights Group. Fantasy Lights is a forward-looking company focused on Christmas lighting and bringing Christmas lighting to the homes, business premises and streets of Ireland, and the UK, for over 30 years. Whether it is lighting a town centre, a street, shopping precinct, business premises or home, we provide total Christmas lighting solutions.

Beginning The Beginning of Fantasy

Fantasy Lights office and manufacturing and assembly premises Kimmage


Journey Magical Lighting at Shannon Airport

During a recessive economic time in Ireland when young people were emigrating in vast numbers. Shannon Airport requested Fantasy Lights to design a Christmas theme to reflect the wide dispersion of our young people internationally who were returning home for Christmas. We designed and installed from the gantry entrance to the arrival terminal in Shannon. Traditional Christmas designs, i.e. Santa sleigh and reindeers, swinging bells and the following international representations: Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Albert bridge London and Big Ben. It was a phenomenal success.


City of lights Merry Christmas From Limerick City

After the tremendous success of the Shannon Airport project people in other areas of Ireland like Munster decided to invest in Christmas lighting, this included limerick city.


JourneyDundrum Office Opening

Fantasy Lights move to a larger premises in Dundrum. The opening of the new premises was officiated by Cel O’Reily (then president of the EIFI) and the late Fianna Fall minister Seamus Brennan, who always gave great advice and guidance to the company. The Fantasy Lights sign on our premises in Dundrum became known to all commuters going to and from South Dublin.


Magical moment of ChristmasByrne trims the light fantastic

With the economy beginning to come out of the recession, Fantasy Lights begin to manufacture Christmas motifs for big household brand names on large advertising hoardings.


JourneyThe year of magical lights

With the new century coming the economy went into a boom. Most cranes throughout the country were lit by Fantasy Lights in preparation for the big night of the millennium.


Moved to new office Fantasy lights moved to walkinstown

Due to Luas construction in Dundrum Fantasy Lights Moved its operations to Walkinstown where it has remained for the last 20 years.


Journey Christmas lighting in Killarney Town

Christmas Business takes off with most of the big towns in Ireland coming to Fantasy Lights for their lighting i.e. Killarney Town Lights


The town of fantasy Byrne brought the best Christmas lighting in Dublin

Fantasy Lights install lighting on over 400 trees in the Dublin docklands area. The theme was greatly welcomed by the people of Dublin and the office workers in the Docklands.


Journey Warehouse Greenouge

Due to the massive growth in the business Fantasy Lights acquire new warehousing units in Greenouge


The extraordinary lighting The spectacular Christmas lighting on Cleary's store

Fantasy Lights create one of the most spectacular Christmas displays in Dublin City on the iconic Cleary’s store in O’Connell’s Street.


Journey Amazing programmable musical lighting

Fantasy Lights Design a colourised programable light system for Bishop Lucy park in Cork City where the lights responded to music. Thousand of Parents brought their children to this wonderful display. We also installed a new lighting theme on weirs & sons iconic store on Grafton Street Dublin.


Magical lighting at Henry street High tech display for Henry street

Fantasy Lights design a new high-tech display for Henry Street in Dublin


JourneyAmazing Christmas lighting

With the boom in the hotel industry, most hotels wanted to invest in and upgrade their Christmas Displays i.e. the Brookes Hotel in Dublin.


Magical lighting Year of magical lighting

Fantasy Lights design and install a large Christmas Theme for Smyths Toy Superstore in London. They also installed lights on all the trees on O’Connell street and on the millennium bridge for Dublin City Council.

Fantasy Lights Ireland's biggest light supplier and retailer | Light Solutions for Home, Garden, Christmas, Business