Pendant Lighting Guide

Pendant Lighting Guide

March 8, 2021

What are the benefits of pendant lights?

Using pendants can be very beneficial for your home and business. Pendants creates an amazing atmosphere and enhance the beauty of other elements in the room. They are not only stylish and decorative in look but also implicit in functionality. They produce more lighting and saves the space. You can use pendant lights in living room, hallway, bedroom, above kitchen counter or dining room. 


Pendant lights hanged from ceiling by a pole, chain or wire. You can easily adjust their height according to your preference.

Versatility of pendant lighting

A large range of pendant lights in different designs, styles and sizes are available to choose from. You can pick multiple pendant lights to create an attractive design and organize them in a row or in circle. In general, installing 3 pendant lights in a line is preferred for the kitchen area.

Space saving

Installing pendant lights above kitchen counter or dining room enhance the beauty and saves a lot of space. 

Are pendant lights dimmable?

We have stocked a wide range of pendant lights and you can find many dimmable ones in which you can adjust the brightness of the light bulb. Also, you can use dimmer switches to connect with pendant lights.

What tips you can follow on the placement of pendant lights?

Installing pendant light in the right place looks amazing and convenient. Here are some suggestions you can follow on the placement of pendant lights.

Above dining room table

Hanging pendant light or chandelier above dining room table provides general lighting as well as accent lighting. The first thing, you should consider before installing a pendant light above dining table is, what kind of lighting you need to compliment your home decor and what height is required between table and pendant? Below is an example showing a basic information.  

Dining table pendant light

Above kitchen island

Placing a pendant light above your kitchen island looks beautiful and saves a lot of space. It creates a cosy atmosphere and very helpful to perform general tasks in your kitchen. You may need to consider few factors before installing a pendant light above your kitchen island. If you have a small kitchen island such as 4-5 feet long, a large pendant or two medium pendants are perfect. For larger kitchen islands, two large pendants or three medium pendants are ideal. You can install four pendants, depends on the size of your kitchen island. It is recommended giving them a proper height. See below examples for basic information: 


Pendant lights are the perfect solution to add ambient lighting to your bedroom. You can install them over the bed or in the center of your bedroom. View our recent projects for the inspiration.

Stairways & hallways

Hanging a pendant light in your stairways and hallways provides an ambient lighting and gives your home an attractive look. Place them high enough on the ceiling for the clearance when walking on the stairs. If you are considering to hang a pendant light in your hallway or entryway then you should give them at least 6.5ft – 7ft height from the base of the fitting to the floor.

Hallway Height Pendant Lighting

Types of pendant lights

Single Pendants

From glass to coloured pendants, you will find single pendants in different sizes and shapes made with different materials. Single pendants are the perfect to use in kitchen, dining room, living room and in bedroom.

Flush & Semi Flush Pendants

Flush & semi flush pendant lights are ideal to use where ceiling height is low. They give a sleek modern look and effective lighting to the room. A wide range of flush & semi flush pendants in different size and designs are available on our website. 

Ceiling Pendants

Ceiling pendant lights are those fittings which hang from the ceiling, suspended with a chain or cable. They provide very effective lighting and ideal to use in any room. We have in stock a wide range of ceiling pendant lights in different sizes, styles and designs. 

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