Natural Copper Spotlight

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Natural copper weathers to a mottled brown finish which blends well with woody planting, bark mulch and gravel. 240v models utilise GU10 lamps negating the need for a transformer. LED ground spike spotlight fitted with a flush glass lens to prevent water accumulation, a longer body to shield the lamp from view leaving sufficient space for glare louvres, clip on lens and dichroic filters. Choose a 3w or 5w warm white LED lamp to uplight pergola columns or an RGB colour changing LED lamp (with free phone app) to completely change the ambience of your garden at night.

240v Spike spotlights need their own circuit from an existing or new fuse box. The box must be protected by a residual current device (RCD) and controlled with a double-pole isolating switch. As a general rule of thumb, the armoured cables need to be run underground- at least 450mm with weatherproof junction boxes. Use an electrician qualified under Safe Electric regulations to install any mains electricity outdoors who will certify the work properly.

Width Total: 63mm
Height Total: 111mm
Bulb: 1 x 50W GU10
Input Voltage: 240v
*Natural Copper will age with time and turn green/brown this does not affect the quality of the fitting

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